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Stainless Steel Bar For Power Industries

The power plant used in the generation of electricity in accurate and abundant amount. There are various components in the power plant including super heaters, storage vessels, heat exchangers, flue gas treatment, pipes, pressure tubes and containment vessels. All these parts require stainless steel in their production process to improve their durability and efficiency. In nuclear power plants, the structures and components made from stainless steel provide a high level of protection from radiation. Shrenik Steel Corporation is engaged in manufacturing wide range of stainless steel products like wire, bar, rods, pipes, fittings, etc. that are considered an important element in the production and process that are executed in the power plants.

Stainless Steel Bar For Power Plant

The stainless steel bars that we offer are preferred in power sector because of its great properties like strength, corrosion and abrasion resistance. Stainless steel contains a minimum amount of 10.5% of chromium in order to enhance its property of stainless. We prepare these stainless steel bars in the alloy of iron and carbon, which generates a layer of chromium oxide that increases the resistance to wear and scaling and also increases its tensile strength. We propose a broad arrangement of items for utilizations and applications in power plant equipments. The products are made utilizing the best grade raw materials i.e. steel, chromium, iron and carbon. This makes them higher in superiority of performance and durability. We have gained the position as the most reliable provider of stainless steel products in Indian as well as international market.